Introduction & Registration

What is OctoPay?

OctoPay is an extension of CIMB Clicks which offers banking services via Facebook. OctoPay allows you to:
  • Send Money to your Facebook friends who are also OctoPay users
  • Pool money for any occasion via Facebook
  • Top up credits for any mobile number that you’ve already registered under CIMB Clicks favorite list.

How do I register for OctoPay?

It’s simple!

Register Activate Enjoy OctoPay!

Step 1
REGISTER Login to CIMB Clicks More Stuff OctoPay Registration
Select your preferred account to Send & Receive money, key in your Facebook email and submit
Create a password for OctoPay
Upon TAC verification, click on “Activate Now”. An activation code will be sent to your mobile phone.

Step 2
ACTIVATE Login to Facebook Search for OctoPay (download the APP) Activate
At Facebook, please enable "Secure Browsing" at Home Account Settings Security Secure Browsing Enabled

Refer image below: (Click the image to enlarge)

On activation page, key in:
  1. CIMB Clicks User ID,
  2. Last 4 digits of your ID (NRIC, Passport No. or Business Registration No.)
  3. Activation code (Sent to your handphone through SMS)
Refer image below: (Click the image to enlarge)

Step 3
Go to Friends and start adding them into your OctoPay friend list.
OctoPay will prompt you for your OctoPay password when you perform Send Money, Coinbox and Prepaid Airtime transactions.

What are the benefits of signing up for OctoPay services?

You can perform your transactions easily and conveniently. You won’t have to log in to alternate channels to perform basic transactions while browsing Facebook
You can perform transactions from any where and any time
You can create a Coinbox to easily collect funds for an event with your family or from friends without the need to meet up physically
We will continuously add new services from time to time to meet your banking needs via social media
These services are offered at no charge

Are there any charges for accessing OctoPay?

There are no charges for accessing OctoPay services.

Is there a limit / maximum amount imposed on each transaction for OctoPay services?

  • Send Money, Prepaid Airtime & Coinbox contribution – combined limit of RM500 per day
  • Coinbox creation – RM1,000 per Coinbox

Do I need to open a new account for OctoPay services?

No, you only have to register for OctoPay using your existing CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic Savings/Current account.

I don't have a banking account with CIMB. Can I still use this service?

No. You need to be a CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic account holder and must also be a registered CIMB Clicks user to access our OctoPay services. For more information on account opening as well as enrolling for CIMB Clicks, please call our Call Centre at 1 300 880 900 or 603-22956100.

How secure is OctoPay?

The OctoPay app is hosted on secured Bank servers and is made available on Facebook through a secure SSL connection. OctoPay app can only be accessed via HTTPS browser setting, which is why it’s important to change your Facebook settings to https.

Is OctoPay service via Facebook safe to use?

  • Yes, it is as secure as transacting via CIMB Clicks
  • We guarantee that your transactions are safe and secure as we apply the latest encryption technology and security measures
  • Facebook will not get any view on your financial data

Can Facebook retrieve any of my account information while transacting using OctoPay?

The Bank does not transfer any of your data to Facebook. Your bank account information can only be accessed by you through your OctoPay app on Facebook after a successful "Registration & Activation", which incorporates a strong 2-factor authentication and set up of a personalised password. We would also need your cooperation to not share your login credentials with others. This way, no one can access your account through OctoPay.

Will I be able to access OctoPay once I have logged into my Facebook account?

OctoPay will only allow you to access monetary transactions and information after you have authenticated your OctoPay password.

Will my account credentials be displayed on OctoPay?

OctoPay does not display your account numbers used for transactions on the app screen to ensure your credentials are safeguarded.

What happens if a fraudster manages to access OctoPay and tries to perform transfers to his account?

OctoPay is integrated into our Fraud Analytics system to track suspicious activity. Also, all monetary transactions are secured with TAC which will be sent to your handphone number that you have indicated.

How do I verify that I'm transacting to the right person, considering many Facebook users do not set their original name as their Facebook name?

OctoPay will always display the beneficiary's full name as registered with us at the confirmation page for you to verify before completing the transaction.

What happens if my Facebook account gets hacked? Will my CIMB Clicks account get hacked as well?

Your OctoPay will not be compromised as long as you do not reveal your OctoPay password. OctoPay does not reside in the Facebook platform, but resides in CIMB Bank's secured site. If you’ve revealed your OctoPay password, you can just reset it at CIMB Clicks. Your CIMB Clicks password remains secure as long as you do not reveal it.

Are there any specific hardware or software requirements that must be met before I can use this service? Is there a need for me to upgrade my personal computer?

Apart from an Internet enabled computer, there is no added hardware requirements needed to access this service. However, for optimal performance and efficiency, it is highly recommended for your computer to have sufficient resources and good Internet connection (minimum 28kbps).

Do I need to purchase the OctoPay via Facebook?

This app is developed specifically for CIMB customers and is free for downloading.

Is the OctoPay accessible through the Facebook app on mobile?

No. OctoPay is not accessible through the Facebook mobile app. Currently, OctoPay is only available via web browsers.

OctoPay is best viewed in which browsers and versions?

  • Firefox 1.5 & above
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari 2.0 & above
  • Internet Explorer version 7 & above

I'm unable to download OctoPay on my Facebook page. What could be a possible reason?

Below are the pre-requisites in order for you to download and activate the app successfully:

  1. Ensure you have enabled 'Secure Browsing' on your Facebook profile [Login Facebook Account Settings Security Secure Browsing]
  2. iOnly Facebook users with a Malaysian profile are allowed to access OctoPay at this moment

Can I login to CIMB Clicks & OctoPay at the same time?

No, concurrent sessions are not allowed between OctoPay and CIMB Clicks, i.e. user must log out from CIMB Clicks before logging into OctoPay.

What are the operating hours for OctoPay?

OctoPay services are accessible as per CIMB Clicks, with the exception of the daily downtime at midnight (11.45pm to 12.45am Malaysia time) for maintenance.

What should I do if at the point of confirming a transaction, my Internet connection gets cut-off or there is a power trip?

Should you experience any interruptions at any stage while performing a transaction via OctoPay, you are advised to check the status of your transaction by logging into CIMB Clicks View Clicks Transaction History or by calling our Call Centre at 1 300 880 900 or 603-22956100.

Can I perform a transaction via OctoPay to my accounts in other banks?

No, currently you are only allowed to transfer to accounts within CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic.

Can I access OctoPay services via a public shared computer such as those in a cyber cafe?

Yes, but we advise you not to. Should you need to, please ensure that your OctoPay password and account credentials are not revealed to anyone. You are advised to memorise your password and not write it down. Before leaving the terminal, please ensure that you've logged out of OctoPay and have cleared the browser's cache memory.

Can I use this service from abroad?

Yes, OctoPay is accessible from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

What should I do if I forget my OctoPay Password?

Should you forget your OctoPay password, kindly contact our Call Centre at 1300 880 900 or 603-22956100.

If my CIMB Clicks gets suspended or terminated, will I still be able to access OctoPay?

No, if your CIMB Clicks gets suspended or terminated, your OctoPay will also be suspended or terminated.

Can I choose to terminate OctoPay at anytime I wish without impacting my CIMB Clicks?

Should you need to deactivate your OctoPay service, you can always do so at CIMB Clicks More Stuff OctoPay Deregistration. This action will not impact your CIMB Clicks access.

Why would anyone use OctoPay to transfer funds instead of CIMB Clicks?

It will be easier and more fun to do basic banking transactions in the Facebook environment with friends and family such as transferring money and purchasing prepaid airtime. The Coinbox feature is also a unique feature that is not available in CIMB Clicks.

Who can I call for support?

You can call in to our Call Center anytime during the day @ 1300 880 900 (Local) / 603 2295 6100 (International). You may also email cimbclicks@cimb.com

How do I get more information about OctoPay?

To enquire further, please contact our Call Centre's Customer Service Officers at 1300 880 900.
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