Keeping financial information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. Feel safe knowing how we work with you to prevent fraud and identity theft. At CIMB Clicks, we take that extra initiative to protect you as well as inform you on how to stay safe online.

[prevent] Preventing Fraud
Take steps to stop fraud before it happens. Get tips on safeguarding your accounts, computer, financial and personal information.
[detect] Detecting Fraud
Can you spot suspicious activities that may be signs of fraud? Learn how to monitor your accounts effectively.
[solution] Security Solutions
Your online banking is secure with CIMB Clicks. Discover how CIMB Clicks security features protect your online banking transactions.
Protect Your Computer from Malware
Keeping your computer healthy is a critical first step towards internet safety. You need to make sure that your computer is not vulnerable to hackers or plagued by malicious software or malware.
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