We view your security with utmost importance. That's why we've taken these extra initiatives to provide you with additional protection:

[solution] SecureWord
Guard yourself against fraudulent look-alike sites. SecureWord is an additional authentication layer used by CIMB Clicks to verify that the login page is a genuine CIMB Clicks site. Make sure to check the SecureWord before keying in your password.
[prevent] Multiple Factor Authentication with TAC
Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) is a unique 6 digit code needed to complete a transaction. The usual way to receive this code is via SMS. Apart from this, you may also download the free CIMB Clicks App to your smartphone to generate TAC instantly.
[web-trust] Web Trust
The Seal of Assurance that tells customers that an independent certified public accountant has evaluated CIMB Bank's business practices and controls and determined that they are in conformity with WebTrust Principles and Criteria for Security and Privacy.
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