About Kwik Account

CIMB Bank Kwik Account is an account that you can open online, anywhere, without going into a branch, giving you immediate usage of the account.

What can I do with a Kwik Account?

Sounds interesting, but why should I get a Kwik Account?

Use your Kwik Card to:
Swipe at retail outlets (like a debit card)
Withdraw cash from CIMB ATM
Enjoy the same discounts & privileges as a CIMB Bank Credit/Debit Card holder. For a full list of merchants, please go to www.cimbbank.com.my/creditcards › View card privileges
Put into Kwik Account the amount that you want to spend for daily expenses, shopping and so on. With that, there’s no risk of overspending.
Added security
If you frequently transact online (e.g., bill payments, prepaid reloads, etc) use Kwik Account as a dedicated account for all your online transactions for added security.
For your kids
If your son or daughter is above 18 years old and studying away from home, get them to open a Kwik Account so that you can easily transfer money to them.

How do I add money to Kwik Account?

Login to CIMB Clicks   Login to CIMB Clicks  
Login to your bank site
Go to 3rd Party Transfer via IBG
For Payment Type, select ‘Credit Card Payment’.
Go to Transfer
Select ‘Within CIMB Bank'
Go to Transfer
Select ‘To Kwik’

Please read the Product Disclosure Sheet to see full product features.

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