Approve FPX transactions using SecureTAC! #LebihSelamat

Effective 19 March 2023, all transactions including FPX above RM100 will require SecureTAC approval via CIMB Clicks App.

Approve FPX transactions using SecureTAC! #LebihSelamat

Effective 19 March 2023, all transactions including FPX above RM100 will require SecureTAC approval via CIMB Clicks App.

Notice (March 2023):

Effective 19 March 2023, all FPX transactions above RM100 will require SecureTAC approval via CIMB Clicks App. This is part of our continuous effort to improve your online banking security and to minimise fraud risk, in line with the regulator's direction to combat financial scams.

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Important note to CIMB OCTO App users:
The SecureTAC function is currently not available in the early version of the CIMB OCTO app. As such, you will need to perform this approval via CIMB Clicks App. We will continue to update more features over time.

One-Tap Approval with SecureTAC

No more waiting for SMS and it works while you're abroad too! SecureTAC protects your transactions with enhanced encryption so that you can approve your web/app transaction right from your CIMB Clicks app quickly and safely.

Approval Method SecureTAC SMS TAC
Receive via CIMB Clicks App SMS
(via registered mobile number in CIMB Clicks' record)
Transaction Type Mandatory for Open & Favourite monetary transaction of RM100 & above
(including fund transfers, bill payments, prepaid top ups and FPX)
How to Approve Tap on Push Notification OR
Tap on "SecureTAC" button on the app menu
Enter 6-digit code received via SMS
Activation One-time via CIMB Clicks App Not required

Frequently Asked Questions

How to approve transaction with SecureTAC?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Click on the FPX logo at merchant's website or checkout page
  2. Select CIMB Clicks and you will be routed to CIMB Clicks Internet Banking login page
  3. Enter your login credentials.
  4. Tap on the SecureTAC notification sent to you via CIMB Clicks app OR log on to CIMB Clicks App, swipe the menu and tap on the SecureTAC icon
  5. Tap "Approve" or "Reject" to proceed
  6. Once the transaction is approved, please proceed to continue with transaction at FPX transaction page. You will then be redirected to the merchant's receipt page.

SecureTAC is a security feature required for most CIMB Clicks transactions. With SecureTAC, you can enjoy an easy and secure one-tap approval through the CIMB Clicks App instead of entering the six-digit SMS TAC.

For transactions above RM100, you will receive a SecureTAC notification via CIMB Clicks app. If you did not receive the notification, log on to the app, swipe the menu and tap on the SecureTAC icon.

Do remember to turn on the notification for CIMB Clicks App to ensure you receive the notifications.

Method 1 Method 2
  1. Tap on the SecureTAC notification received on your phone
  2. Tap on "Approve" or "Reject"
  1. Open CIMB Clicks App
  2. Swipe left on homescreen & select "SecureTAC"
  3. Tap on "Approve" or "Reject"
SecureTAC approval methods

Please note:

  • For web transactions below RM100, you may also request SMS TAC after 50 seconds. Please note that once a new TAC via SMS is requested, the previous approval request via SecureTAC will no longer be valid.

Please refer to Question 3 (Method 2)

Please swipe left on the homescreen, the SecureTAC button is located on the second page of the menu.

If you still don't see the SecureTAC icon, please delete the app and install the latest version of CIMB Clicks App. If the issue persists, please contact our Consumer Contact Centre number provided on the back of your card for assistance.

You can activate SecureTAC on a maximum of one (1) device. If you log on to the app using a different device, you will receive a prompt message to deactivate the existing device.

This will not impact your SecureTAC. However, you are advised to update your latest mobile number at the nearest CIMB ATM to ensure uninterrupted access to your CIMB Clicks/CIMB OCTO App.

Yes, simply install the latest CIMB Clicks / CIMB OCTO App from the app store and follow the screen guide to complete the one-time activation.

To deactivate SecureTAC in the lost phone, please contact our Consumer Call Centre at +603 6204 7788 immediately.

The transaction will not be processed without the SecureTAC approval.

Yes, you can perform one-time SecureTAC activation as long as you are able to receive TAC via SMS on your registered mobile number. For assistance, please contact our Consumer Contact Centre at the number on back of your card.

Selected types of transactions such as viewing Singapore accounts and first-time activation will require authorisation via SMS.

We have strengthened the security measures of our banking apps to only operate on fully supported and secure operating systems to ensure a safe banking environment.

Whilst these new measures may affect banking convenience, they are essential to safeguard and protect you from potential fraud and scams.

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