Come rain or shine.

Get into the habit of saving. Start small and scale up overtime with CIMB Clicks Goals & Savings.

Create Your Own Goals

Now, create personalised goals and watch them grow digitally. Start saving now!

Save on Auto-Pilot

Set & we'll take care of the rest. You set the target amount and date and we help schedule your goal contribution.

Flexible Savings Pot

The 'Goals & Savings' feature helps you set aside savings, though you can withdraw, transfer out anytime.

Let's get your savings rolling.

Planning for a weekend getaway or been wanting to get that brand new gadget? Here are all the different types of goals you could work towards.

Go somewhere

Buy something

Do something

Learn something

Pay someone

Emergency savings

Stay on track & get smart notifications.

So you can use your brain power for more important matters in life.

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