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Financial Health Check
A quick diagnosis of your current financial situation to see how healthy you are in terms of savings, income, assets and liabilities. If your portfolio is healthy you can proceed to the next step of financial planning. Otherwise we'll help you strengthen your financial position first before we embark on your financial plan.
Step 1
Monthly Cashflow
Monthly Cash Inflow     Monthly Cash Outflow  
Type of Inflow Amount (RM)   Type of Outflow Amount (RM)
Monthly Income   Home Expenses (e.g.Food,Utilities)
Others   Loan/Debt Repayments
Total Cash Inflow
Total Cash Outflow
Cash flow is a measurement of the difference between what you spend and what you earn. If your cash flow is negative, means you are spending more than you are earning over time. If you maintain a positive cash flow, over time you will be left with excess cash. This money can be used to pay back your liabilities (debts) or to purchase assets.
Net Cash Flow