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Risk Profiling and Fund Suggestion Tool
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Date of Profiling : 18-Dec-2017
Name :
IC No/Passport No :
Gender :
Date of Birth :
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Marital Status :
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Occupation :
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Contribution to EPF : Yes No
Do you currently have an existing investment in unit trusts/structured?
  Yes (With which bank)  
What is your biggest financial worry?
  Not enough money to retire/Need to downgrade lifestyle after retirement
  Unable to fund children education
  spending exceeds income
  Unexpected emergency cash flow situation
  No financial worries
  Others (Please specify)
How many credit cards do you have that are in regular use (used at least once in a month)?
Do you pay off your credit cards outstanding every month?
  Most of the time
1 :   Which best describes your current stage of life?
  Married with no children.
  Young family.
  Mature family.
  Preparing for retirement.
2 :   Which statement best illustrates your main investment purpose?
  I am keen to build long term wealth and have an investment horizon above 3 years. I understand the value of investments such as equities and/or properties for long term wealth accumulation.
  I have some surplus funds available and am keen to explore long term investments options.
  I have a lump-sum amount for investment. I'm not prepared to lose capital and am looking for a secure investment alternative.
  I am near retirement and would need funds to maintain my current standard of living.
  I require money for specific needs within the next 5 years.
  I am looking for an investment that will give me a regular income stream but I'm comfortable with some fluctuation in the value of my principal.
3 :   Which of the following best describes your knowledge of investments?
  I have no investment experience and have little to no understanding of investing except for achieving returns.
  I have limited investment experience and have some understanding of what equities, bonds, cash and properties are and their characteristics.
  I have invested before and appreciate the need for a portfolio (i.e. a combination of investments in equities, bonds, cash, properties, etc) to spread investment risk.
  I invest regularly and appreciate market fluctuations. I understand that asset classes and market sectors differ in risk and return characteristics.
  I have extensive investment experience and have a strong understanding of the risk return characteristics of all asset classes and investment products.
4 :   How long do you plan to hold your investments?
  Less than 2 years.
  Between 2 and 3 years.
  Between 3 and 5 years.
  Between 5 and 7 years.
  Longer than 7 years.
5 :   What would you do if the value of your investment falls by 20% in less than 1 year?
  Sell and will not invest anymore. I cannot tolerate investment risk; I'm not willing to take further loses of my capital and will prefer to keep my funds in cash.
  Sell and move my money into more secure investments. I cannot accept investment losses and will prefer to maintain my funds in fixed deposits or risk free investments like government bonds
  Monitor to see if investments improve before taking action. I understand that investment performance will fluctuate positively and negatively. I am willing to set a downside limit (say 5% or 10%) before selling/redeeming.
  Hold onto the investments and regard the loss as calculated risk while expecting the performance to improve. I understand the concept of market cycles and its impact on investment performance. I will take a long-term view of my investment and will monitor my investments before making a decision.
  Add to investments to lower average investment price based on future growth expectations. I understand the macroeconomic factors that affect market cycles and performance of asset classes. I am confident on the future growth of the markets and will take advantage of price downtrends to average down my overall cost of investment.
6 :   Imagine you are an investor with a long time horizon (more than 10 years), how would you react to a poorly performing portfolio?
  Sell immediately if initial investment can be recovered.
  Hold current portfolio for up to 1 year.
  Hold current portfolio for up to 3 year.
  Hold current portfolio for up to 5 years.
  Hold current portfolio for more than 5 years.
7 :   Your preferred investment should offer the following (Please choose one).
  Guaranteed returns as stated (i.e. prospectus, product disclosure document, presentation).
  Steady, reliable returns.
  Good returns. Small variability in returns is acceptable.
  Above market returns. Moderate variability in returns is acceptable.
  Significantly higher market returns on the basis that investments will carry higher volatility to generate potentially higher returns.
8 :   What is your expected return from your investments?
  At least beat current inflation rate with capital preservation.
  At least beat current inflation rate plus 2 - 4% p.a.
  At least beat current inflation rate plus 5 - 7% p.a.
  At least beat current inflation rate plus 8 - 12% p.a.
  At least beat current inflation rate plus over 12% p.a.